Florida celebrity hacker charged


A Florida man hacked into the email accounts of actresses Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, and as many as 50 other celebrities and made off with nude photos, movie scripts, and other personal … [Read more...]

Small businesses also target of hackers


Big companies and big government get big press when their data is breached. And when a big company is hit, those whose accounts have been compromised are often notified. With smaller businesses, … [Read more...]

Mexican gov websites under attack


The websites of several Mexican government ministries, including Defense and Public Security, went offline on Thursday, and a hacker group claimed responsibility. The ministry websites as well as … [Read more...]

NBC Twitter account hacked; issues false report about airplane attack


The NBC News Twitter account, @NBCNews, was hacked late Friday, resulting in false reports about an airplane attack at Ground Zero, the Manhattan site of the original 9/11 attacks. The Twitter account … [Read more...]

After Diginotar GlobalSign also compromised ? (UPDATE)


GlobalSign, a certificate authority (CA) based out of Belgium temporarily stopped issuing certificates. This action was taken in response to a message on Pastebin, in which the anonymous poster … [Read more...]

Dutch study possible Iran hacking of government web sites


The Dutch government said on Sunday it was investigating whether Iran may have been involved in hacking Dutch state websites after digital certificates were stolen. Dutch Interior Ministry … [Read more...]

Hacking of certificate authority DigiNotar led to fraudulent Google certificate being issued


Dutch certificate authority (CA) DigiNotar has admitted that its infrastructure was hacked, leading to a fraudulent Google.com SSL certificate being issued. With a valid certificate issued and … [Read more...]

China getting tougher on cybercrime


China's Supreme Court and prosecutors office will step up the fight against computer hacking by toughening penalties for those caught doing it, state media said on Monday. Under rules coming into … [Read more...]

Hacking golden boy hired by Apple


What do you do when you have $76 billion cash in the bank and a 19-year-old hacker repeatedly thwarts your army of engineers’ attempts to lock down your smartphone and tablet platform? Bring him … [Read more...]

Nokia developers details leaked after hack


A hacker accessed personal details of Nokia developers in an attack on the Nokia Developer site last week, the phone manufacturer has admitted. The intrusion resulted in the apparent attacker, … [Read more...]

Solo attacker gets 20,000 login credentials and other sensitive data


A solo attacker has hacked into an events management company and obtained sensitive information belonging to 20,000 individuals, many of whom were United States government employees or … [Read more...]

Hong Kong police arrest hacker related to stock exchange attacks

HKSE_E hong kong stock exchange

Hong Kong police have arrested a local man in connection with an Aug. 10 computer attack on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Hong Kong Exchange was forced to suspend some trading nearly two weeks … [Read more...]

Epson Korea breached; 350,000 customers impacted


Epson Korea Co., Ltd. said on Saturday hackers had breached the personal data of its 350,000 registered customers last week, the latest in a series of cyber attacks involving a huge number of victims … [Read more...]

Hackers hit newspaper site, claim Quebec PM dead

Jean Charest

Hackers attacked the website of a prominent Canadian newspaper early on Tuesday and posted a false news item alleging Quebec Premier Jean Charest had died of a heart attack, the paper said. The … [Read more...]

Hackers protest peacefully in San Fransisco


A few dozen protesters turned out on Monday for a San Francisco rally organized by the hacker group Anonymous to protest alleged police brutality and what they called anti-free speech tactics by … [Read more...]