How your kids fool you on social media networks


Forty years ago, in the moments before the late-night news came on the air, television stations began running a public service announcement: "It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your children … [Read more...]

U.S. law enforcement uses Facebook more and more as an intelligence source


U.S. law-enforcement agencies are increasingly obtaining warrants to search Facebook, often gaining detailed access to users' accounts without their knowledge. A Reuters review of the Westlaw legal … [Read more...]

Thai people might face jail if they’re caught tweeting and/or facebooking during the election

thai protest

Thais face jail if they campaign during Sunday's election on social media sites such as Twitter, with more than 100 police monitoring sites to make sure the law is enforced.   People will … [Read more...]

Belarus sentences 30 people for handclapping protests organized through social media.

belarus map

Belarusian courts sentenced on Thursday 30 protesters detained the previous night at rallies against President Alexander Lukashenko held across the country, human rights activists … [Read more...]

High profile hacker hired by FaceBook


George Hotz, well-known iPhone and Sony PS3 hacker, is following in the footsteps of many other celebrated hackers who got hired by technology giants. Hotz, also known as GeoHotz, has joined Facebook … [Read more...]

German teenager post on Facebook gets out of hand; 1600 people show up unexpectedly


More than 1,600 people showed up to celebrate a German teenager's 16th birthday party after she inadvertently invited the public to attend on Facebook, Hamburg police said Sunday. The teen-ager … [Read more...]

Facebook Password Extractor reveals Facebook passwords


Elcomsoft, a Russian software company, has released Facebook Password Extractor, which reveals Facebook passwords stored in popular Web browsers in just a click. No matter what browser you used and … [Read more...]

Google exec Ghonim became star of Egyptian revolution through social networks


A Google executive who became the face of the Egyptian democratic uprisings earlier this year said on Monday that social networking was now a key to political activism. "You can't keep a … [Read more...]

Facebook now offer 2-factor authentication


Facebook is now offering a new feature called "Login Approvals".   I call it part-time two-factor authentication mechanism.  Andrew Song of Facebook states:  "Login approvals is a Two Factor … [Read more...]

Facebook dislike button is rogue application; don’t click it!


Facebook does not offer a "Dislike" button, and no matter how many "Dislike button" Facebook page petitions you "Like," how many chickens you sacrifice and how many birthday candles you waste, there … [Read more...]

Sophos sends open letter to Facebook pinpointing security issues


The blog Naked Security by security vendor Sophos is posting an open letter to Facebook. We agree with their stance. Facebook just doesn't do enough in relationship with the security of it's user … [Read more...]

Social networks needs to comply to European Privacy Laws, says Viviane Reding

Viviane Reding

Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission and EU Justice Commissioner, said in a speech for the Privacy Platform "The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework" that social networks … [Read more...]

Italia: Facebook clickjacking tricks you in watching dirty female teacher undress (or not?)


As we have a lot of Italian readers, we decided to draw their attention on this dangerous click-jacking which is spreading at the moment on Facebook. This story is brought to our attention by our … [Read more...]

Social networking – why security awareness is important when seeing what your friends are doing


The ways in which we interact with each other on internet driven social networks is similar than "face to face" interaction, but on the other hand we become more quickly "friends" with people on the … [Read more...]

Your face from Facebook to a dating site without you knowing it?


It happened to about 250.000 Facebook users who became "involved" in a project called Face to Facebook, a project by Paolo Cirio and Allesandro Ludovico. What they did is : Stealing 1 million … [Read more...]