Microsoft acquires Skype; what does this mean for security ?

It has happened. Microsoft has bought Skype for an amount of about 5.8 billion US dollars. Yes … BILLION.

Whether that’s priced correctly or overpriced, the future will tell. But what does matter it what this could mean from a usage and/or a security perspective. Our collegues from Sophos have their view on this …

Here are their guesses:

  • The Linux version of the Skype software will wither and die.
  • The OS X version of the Skype software may wither and might die.
  • Microsoft will add some sort of lawful interception system into the Skype software, assuming there isn’t one already. But they’ll be honest about doing so.
  • You’ll need to get a Windows LiveID to create a Skype account.
  • Skype will come under greater scrutiny from cybercrooks keen to find saleable vulnerabilities.
  • Skype for Windows will come under the Microsoft Active Protections Program, which will balance out or defeat problems caused by the previous issue.

Of course, so far this is just rumour and speculation. And Microsoft’s official comment on rumour and speculation is that it doesn’t comment on rumour and speculation.

Noted, but some of these guesses have a high likelihood of coming true :)

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