Invitation from the editor !

Dear information security professional,

I am very pleased to invite you to have one of the first glimpses of a new website which will evolve around information security.

The idea behind is that it will be driven from within the security community and that it will provide insights to community members, but also to outsiders who know less then us about IT security.

The site will run on a voluntary basis. The goal is therefore to inform, educate and share IT security knowledge with all people interested in the topic.

The only income which the site will generate comes from sponsorships and advertisements, but these will only cover the cost of operation.

Currently I am actively looking for people who can contribute to the site. You can submit articles  (after acceptance and peer review) on all topics in information security.

Please have a look at the site, and check out the ‘submit your article‘ section.

Altough we have a Belgian domain name, the goal is really to have a European and global reach. So you could provide some real nice publicity for yourself if you submit articles. Perhaps you already wrote some stuff in the past which is still valid today which we could use.

So I am really looking forward to have YOU on the active contributors list of when we go live with a big bang in the beginning of 2011 !

If this is not for you, but you know somebody who might be interested, please forward them this URL.

Talk to you soon ?

Kind regards,

Danny Bisaerts
Lead Editor –

My Personal LinkedIn profile =

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About Danny Bisaerts

Danny Bisaerts has grown over the past decades from a development background into the world of Information Security and Physical Security. He has spent a lot of time in the world of finance, government, consulting, manufacturing, telecommunications and utilities ...

Danny is currently the editor of Email :
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